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blogrates under the cut

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you’re trouble. you’re a time bomb tick-ticking away.


"I’m telling you," Isaac continued, “Augustus Waters talked so much that he’d interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production. And he was vain: I do not believe I have ever met a more physically attractive person who was more acutely aware of his own physical attractiveness.”


You got me as soon as I deleted that post since no one was asking, so i’ll post the questions under the cut in case anyone else wants to ask :) 

1: What was the last book you read?

Requiem by Lauren Oliver (as in finished) 

7: What was the last bad book you read?
you guys may hate me but i didnt like Paper Towns by John Green (shrugs)

13: What’s your favorite book?
I’m going to say one of my fave non-series novels: The Book Thief

14: What’s your least favorite book?
i have no idea, i’ve been trying to think about it but none come to my mind :O 

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"She was scarcely a year older than I was, dark-haired, slender, with a face that would break your heart. It certainly broke mine. Lowborn, half-starved, unwashed… Yet lovely. […] She was hungrier than I would have believed. We finished two whole chickens and part of a third, and drank a flagon of wine, talking. I was only thirteen, and the wine went to my head, I fear. The next thing I knew, I was sharing her bed. If she was shy, I was shyer. I’ll never know where I found the courage. When I broke her maidenhead, she wept, but afterward she kissed me and sang her little song, and by morning I was in love."

A game of forgotten ladies: Tysha

Tyrion Lannister Appreciation: [Day 4] Favorite Quote I must do my part for the honor of my house, wouldn’t you agree? But how? Well, my brother has his sword and I have my mind. And a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. That’s why I read so much, Jon Snow.

I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

you can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh


High Fives for Feminism


High Fives for Feminism

George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (x)

Sansa/Tyrion + quotes (requested by imjustabigail)

I can’t fly. I can’t, I can’t…

How do you know? Have you ever tried?


get to know me meme: 5 favorite tv shows [3/5]

» Game of Thrones (2011 —) 

"Your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid."


the worst is when you’re reading a really good book that follows multiple characters’ stories and you love it 90% of the time until it periodically switches back to that one character’s story that you just could not care less about and it’s like an entire chapter of internal groaning while waiting for the plot to switch back to a character you actually care about